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Happy Birthday Mattia.

When you were born I was in Berlin waiting for the news, when you turned one I was in London wishing you a happy first birthday and today, the day that you are turning two, I am in the Netherlands. I am not a very present aunt, am I?

This year we spent plenty of time together, though. Hours, days. There were days when you started crying when you saw me, at the point that I was scared of having hurt you somehow. Those days were soon over, fortunately. Then the days came when you starting saying words and eventually actually started talking. When you just wanted to say “opa” for example, changing it then in “oma”. Finally you became used also to “tante” (aunt) and I was so happy and proud.

R. and I took you to the beach one day. I have never seen you so happy before, trying to throw yourself in the water, pulling R. with you. We also went picking nuts. You liked them, as you like many things: lamps, cars, pingu, cats..

This year with you was awesome.

I hope I’ll be spending some of your birthdays with you, and I hope you will be saying “hip hip … hoera!!” with your daddy today. I love you, we both love you immensely.