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Probably I will not be able to update this blog as often as I was doing. I started my new job on Monday, we are currently having a week of training and it is really draining. Learning lots of new things I would never have thought of learning, getting to know tons of new people and speaking English the hwole day: that’s awesome, but oh so tiring.

Our apartment need lots of work too, I have painted half of the walls because we odn’t hae a stair to arrive to the ceiling: you’ll probably think “how unorganized”, well, we are. We also need to arrange some formalities and other things, etc. It’s a hectic period and I might not be writing as often as I want. We still need to settle a little, getting used to this new routine. In the meantime we are making our house pretty with some white and pink tulips.

I hope you’re having a great week.