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Starting to work has brought me into a whole new world. The world of grown-ups that wake up in the morning, take the train and go to the office, then sit after a desk for 8-9 hours and go home again, yawning and whishing to lay in bed and sleep.

I like my new job, my colleagues are incredibly friendly, the atmosphere is very nice, the things I have to do, even if always staying at my desk, are quite different the one from the other. I also met a lot of new people, and I don’t even rememeber one fifth of the names.

  • I am enjoying everyday at work. Well, that is the first thing that made me happy this week.
  • The sad part is that R. and I see eachother 4 times a week, each time for about 4-5 hours. It’s easy to get nervous. These past two days, however, he decided to be my personal prince, to buy me a small cake, to watch movies together and to be relaxed. Not having to stress about all the things we ould like to do together was nice, incredibly nice. Especially having a romantic dinner listening to beautiful music.
  • My parents have been in India for 5 weeks and I received a totally unexpected postcard from them. I love receiving real mail. They are flying back today and I can’t wait to hear all their stories (on Skype).

  • These two funny ducks, who preferred showing their best parts to us.

  • Seeing a guy who looked exactly like Jack Johnson in the train back home.  He also had the same smile.
  • Funny street art

At the moment all I do after work is waiting until it gets dark enough not to feel ashamed of the time I went to sleep. I’ll probably get used to it soon. When that moment arrives I will be back with photos, stories, music and other things.

I wish you a nice evening. I hope it’s not rainy and foggy as it is here.