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Noticed anything new in here? Yep, huge photos and a light theme is what I always wanted. I don’t know if the pictures are too big on your computer, but on mine, a mini notebook, they look way better now. I might have to change it if on other computers it’s awful..we’ll see.

I’ve been working for almost three weeks now. It’s exhausting, there are many things I have to learn. Usually, what I do when I come home is eating and sleeping. Occasionally, when Roberto is home I drink a glass of wine or two and we talk about how the week is going.

On Friday I will see my mum. I’m so excited about that! I  had my moments of home sickness lately, not too bad ones, just that I miss my nature and my trees, my garden and the freedom of breathing fresh air.

I want to show my mum we have a nice apartment and that we are really settling, so I’ve been, in between the eat and the sleep phase of my day, also painting – a lot.

Hoping to be able to write something more interesting and show some pictures I took at the market. Goodnight.