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April’s fool or not, I feel kind of grumpy today. Last week’s sun made e dream of spring, but it was just a mirage. It’s cold again, the wind blows, and.. I was right not putting my coat away.

I usually like making the most of my day and think positively. But when on a Saturday (yesterday) night, R. was away working, the Internet didn’t work, my neighbours/ housemates had fun kicking against the front door and listening to loud music..well, I was a bit discouraged.

I looked through last year’s photos and thought that printing out some photos of the things I miss of Italy would be a nice idea, to have them always near.. People, I have tons of photos, literally, I understand that my computer doesn’t even want to open a window sometimes. I collected the best photos in a folder and I was relieved again: nature, the home where I spent my childhood, the garden, the sea..Then, I remembered what R. and I had been talking about that morning.. I think, maybe, it might just be that, perhaps, possibly we will be in Italy for two weeks this summer! Mom, Dad, get ready, I will talk your ears off!

Back in Saturday’s night room .. I watched three episodes of How I Met Your Mother and everything was fine again..

And back in Sunday’s cold afternoon apartment: I will make some tea, skype with my parents and little nephew and, as always, everything will be okay.. except that I don’t have any episode of HIMYM left.