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.. I’m glad that you’re around.

He was there when I was stuck with my life. He supported me silently, without too many words. He has always encouraged me to have fun and enjoy my life . I feel that we grew closer since I started trying to pick my life up. He did so many things for me I couldn’t even start to enumerate them..

He also builds the most beautiful homes with passion and a bit too much perfectionism. If you give him a light, he can create anything with it: the more colorful and sparkly, the better. He is a VJ (yeees he is!!), a painter, a carpenter, a traveller (my parents just came back from a trip to India), a choc-aholic (and I’m so proud he’s choc-aholic) and he’s awesome!!

But most of all people, hear me well, he turns 50 today!!!

Holy Moly..

But trust me, he has another 50 to go.. as long as he goes on travelling, listening to(louddd) music, having fun and eating chocolate.

Happy Birthday Papa, ik hou van je!!