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Easter, just like birthdays and Sinterklaas, has always been special to me. Most of kids wait for the moment when dad says “hey, I think Otto the hare just jumped by and hid some eggs here and there”.

Living in the middle of nowhere then was a bless, because Otto could jump in our big garden and hide eggs everywhere!

Now, most kids are excited right now, waiting for tomorrow to come.. Most kids + me.

I am terrible at growing up.

R and I had just one hour left between grocery shopping and 1 pm, when he had to leave for work., but we managed to dye the eggs! They didn’t really turn out as we wanted, it doesn’t matter.. we have chocolate eggs and dyed eggs, we have got tulips and daffodils, we have great food and we have two entire days together (we haven’t spent a whole day together since February!) That’s just great!

So, I wish you all a Happy Easter, with lots of chocolate eggs end fun!