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Baking has become one of my biggest passions over these past years. I especially love baking bread; I tried many recipes and I finally learned how to make sourdough bread too, my favorite.

I used to make bread about twice a week for my parents and use the oven a lot during the week for meals, cookies, cakes.. I just like everything about baking. I don’t even mind the cleaning.

Since we moved to the Netherlands I haven’t baked anything. We stayed at my brother’s for a month, but we had many other thoughts those days.. Then we moved in our place where we had no oven.. and I said “we had” because today, finally, we bought one!

We were so happy, and I immediately started working on some ideas.. to start with.. torta verde.

Torta verde is a vegetable pie. It’s a typical pie from our valley in Italy. At first I though it came from the region we lived in, Liguria, but then I came across so many people who didn’t know it existed, and finallly we understood it comes from the small villages in the valley.

La nona, as we call R’s nonna (gradma), one of the best cooks I know, gave me the recipe one day. I felt really honoured that day. Therefore I decided to make this first.

I may be that I made a little too much, so that now we have two torte. Fortunately we have friends that love trying new dishes.