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We went to Delft on the day after Easter. It is just half an hour by train from Leiden and since we had one other day to spend together, but did not want to waste it staying at home, we decided to go and explore a new place.

The weather was dreary (therefore just a few details in my shots), but the small town was lovely. We just walked around for an hour or two, along the canals, on the main square, in the smaller streets..

Delft is known for the typical blue Delftware, the two imposing churches, the painter Vermeer, and also for the Ikea where we bought the first pieces of furniture for our place.

It was a nice morning; we went back a little sooner then expected, due to the bad weather, but that was just perfect because our we went at our friend’s later, where we had a great time with fellow Italian expats.

PS Did you notice that the wall of the house in the last photo looks a but wonky? A Dutch specialty: building wonky houses on canals that last centuries.