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On Facebook a friend in Italy is asking his facebook-friends who wants to go with him to the seaside after lunch. While I read that I am wearing a woolen sweater. I watch outside and see the grey sky, who has decided to give us a break from the rain, but just for a few minutes, as he has been doing for the last couple of weeks.

I’d really love to go to the beach and going back to last year’s photos, I see that we were already spending our weekends having lunch on the beach.

However, I don’t really miss those moments, I don’t miss that place and I don’t miss how I felt back then.

I decided to make the best out of these grey and rainy days: I have been thinking, making projects (as always), writing, making lists, but most of all, I spent the moments with Roberto turning off the TV and learning to play guitar, cuddling, and discovering new bands. We also have one more excuse to eat delicious apple pie and drink hot chocolate. The perfect combination.