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The first and only time I was in Holland on the 30th of April I was about nine years old. The 30th of April il the day the Dutch celebrate Koninginnedag, Queen’s day. My mum and I walked around Amsterdam and I was thrilled. BAck then Orange was my favorite colour and almost all of my wardrobe was shamelessy orange.

Amsterdam was a cove of craziness. Many drunk people, but also a lot of people just having great fun. The city was covered in orange, and so was everyone.

This year wil be my second Koninginnedag, R’s first. We are planning on staying in Leiden and just see what the city offers: children selling on their personal stands, colorful people, meeting some friends maybe..

This morning we decided to do a small shoot, we laughed so much just playing around with the camera and the orange hats.

If you are spending the 30th of April in the Netherlands, have fun!!