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My journey towards vegetarianism:

Small kid refusing to eat meat because it meant “eating animals” and looking disgusted when her family was eating fiorentina (italian steak).

Kid refusing to eat animals, but “oh hey, a sandwich with ham!”.

12 year-old not eating meat, but didn’t want to tell anybody outside the family. So if friends wanted to go eating a Kebab, little girl was going too.

Mum baking delicious bean-cookies for daughter. Mum making cookies every day. Daughter starting the dread dinner and dream cookies.

Becoming a vegetarian for a couple of years. Feeling dizzy and light-headed, having headaches and being pale. Doctor’s prescription: one steak in the morning and one before going to bed. Being “encouraged” to eat meat.

Young girl of about 18 with mixed feelings: neither wanting to kill animals, nor wanting to feel the lack of energy. Taking advantage of the mixed feeling to eat beloved tuna every now and then.

College student deciding not to eat meat ever again. Reaction of friends “haha, you had a kebab two weeks ago!”. Never ate meat again.Started reading more about it.

College student realizing it is possible to substitute meat, it takes time to learn, and money to buy.. option abandoned.

Last year at university: becoming interested in nutrition, curious and passionate about cooking and baking. Wanting to improve my energy levels and wanting to learn. Money still lacking. Eating pre-packed veggie burgers every now and then. Realizing that 80% of the ingredients are things I don’t recognize.

Moving and starting a whole new life in another country with boyfriend. Being surrounded by more vegetarians, more and more, more and more and more. Reading, watching, listening. Realizing it’s my own responsability and it’s up to me.This was the last step, then there was the very last one: R. decided to become a vegetarian as well. I tell you: it’s much more fun being together in this.

This whole story to tell you: I made veggie burgers last weekend!! They look quite pale, but the reason is that I used flour before putting them in the oven. They were very spicy and delicious, not the boring prepacked ones, these were filled with great ingredients: quinoa, beans, carrots, seeds, courgette..yum!