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He whistled and I knew it was him. Who else whistles like that? I turned around, eager to see him, but I could not find him. I looked around and there he was.

My parents arrived on Friday. I hadn’t seen my dad since January, the longest time without seeing each other. During the weekend we did an long list of things and we had a great time.

You know when you are 16 and you just want to dig a hole and hide there when you walk around with you parents? When they can’t do anything without embarassing you beyond any belief? Well, the feeling you havewhen you finally realize you don’t feel that anymore; at all; when you are actually excited to show them around, be with them, know what they think about your new life, even if your dad whistles to call you and your mum ask for cream in the cold chocolate milk.. That feeling is great.

Now they are back home again, 1250 km from here, where Monster, the cat, was waiting for them to come home and miauw them away.