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Before leaving my parents’, I always told them how I would fill my future home with pastel and earthly colours. R. and I even had a plan: earthly colours for the bedroom, pastel colours for the kitchen (but with very colorful dishes, cups and glasses and wooden cutlery), light colours for the bathroom, and every sort of color in the living room. Of course, that was just a dream: we don’t even have all those rooms.

Nonetheless, if you walk in you will find all sorts of colours, they are just not in the way we “planned”, and maybe it’s better, it would have been a bit of a obsessive thing, right?

Sometimes eating with a colorful fork (orange my polka dots fork rules!), using a purple pen to write the grocery list, or sleeping under some pastel blankets, makes me feel a pinch happier; like that time when I made chai tea and ate cookies. The cup, the little spoon and the napkin, transformed this in an even better treat.