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There are just two things I really want to do right now.


And this:

While R. is catching mosquitos jumping on the bed in the other room, I am laying on the couch after this long week. I haven’t been around this blog for quite some time and haven’t posted anything meaningful of carrying some sort of sense for some weeks. This will not be an exception.

Last week my mum came to visit and we went to the first family reunion I ever witnessed. It was nice, we met some of the family members for the first time and finally saw others after years. The person I loved seeing the most is my grandma. She’s the one I inherited the love for translating from, that’s what she always likes to underline.

After the weekend my mum left and a crazy week started. We have been watching many matches of the European Football Championship, we have been thinking and making projects, as always, and we have been making our home a tiny little bit more homey.

Now this weekend is all I need now, along with bare feet and my bed.

Have a nice weekend!