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I hadn’t been on a beach since February, when we just moved to Holland and in an attempt to escape from the hectic search for a place to live and jobs, we headed to the nearest one. The wind was sharp, the clouds heavy. All shades of great and brown were there. We enjoyed the break from the city, but also knew we were going to miss the blue sea some day.

Driving through France, when going to Italy,at some point I felt that the sea was near. Maybe it was the air or the colors of the sky, but I knew it was there. And then it was there, beautiful, in front of us. Driving along the coast was a pleasure, I kept staring at the waves, the tiny boats on the water, the sand and the rocks.

As soon as we had the chance, we hopped on the car and drove to the beach. It was a late afternoon and we arrived at the beach just when all the other people were leaving. We stayed there for a couple f hours just staring, listening to the waves and talking about our little friend the seagull. I felt refreshed and calm.