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..and then there were moments to dedicate completely to my family: evenings with my parents, afternoons with my little nephew Mattia and days with Roberto. I never treasured the moments with my parents like this before and, I swear, I regret every time I might have thought they were boring or I was ashamed of having parents who were “so different” than the others. I truly miss them.

Seeing my little nephew again after such a long time was great. I won’t ever forget hearing him coming closer and closer saying “Tante!” (“aunt” in Dutch) and then, on the moment he saw me, his scream, so loud and full of emotions, between fear and enthusiasm. It was wonderful.

Of course I took a billion of pictures of them during the two weeks in Italy. Those moments have been very important to me and they recharged me for the next months without them. Ik hou van jullie!