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It has been a long time since I stayed home the whole day, and actually we went for a walk today too, but let’s just pretend that never happened and I stayed home the whole day..because that’s how it feels.

It started raining again a couple of days ago, the temperatures dropped and when I leave home in the morning it’s already dark. Fall is coming and I almost didn’t even notice it was summer this year. But that’s probably the downside of living in the Netherlands.

Anyway, I love when I choose to have a cozy day doing absolutely nothing; it’s hard for me to get to that decision because I love doing things and being outside, but when I decide, no one has to disturb me in my nothingness.

So today was all for the warm sweater I put on, a hot cup of chai tea, the softest bedspread, meditation and music. So, here you have a nice song for you guys, just close your eyes and listen to this beautiful voice–> click.