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Not often do I post picture on my blog that are not mine. I have hundreds of photos in tons of folders, but life has been busier than ever. I was used to living on my own, but live together with someone, manage to both work, go to the gym, meet friends, spend some time together.. is hard, man! I feel like I really need a long sleep, the ones you wake up and just cuddle all up again because you can still stay in bed and you have no plans for the day. And that’s exactly what I am planning to do tomorrow. Unfortunately I always have lots of plans, even if they are not voluntary, it’s more thought, a myriad of thought always whirlwinding through my mind.

Anyway, that’s enough of rambling for tonight. Here you have some very inspiring (to me) photos for the weekend: lots of clean palettes, warmth and ideas. Have a wonderful weekend!