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A leave was laying on the ground and I had to crush it. I heard no crack. It was not autumn, yet.

Yesterday things changed. I was walking and saw another, dry-looking leaf there. I just felt the urge to go and see if it was autumn.. and yes it was. It made the typical “crack” sound that for me is the one and only evidence autumn is really here.

The days are getting shorter, in the morning it’s getting colder. Yesterday I ventured to the gym and came home to a jasmine and cumin smelling house. It was Friday, but after dinner we snuggled into bed and watched a couple of episodes of How I Met your Mother. Again, yes, it is autumn.

I dream of sleeping until late, drinking hot teas and eating soups, wearing warm knits and all sorts of coziness in general. So here I go, with my poncho on, direction couch, where I will curl up and possibly (read: never gonna happen, because I have too many thoughts, as always) get a long nap.

PS: there is a video of our trip to Italy all ready to be shared. I am excited to share it, it is the first video R. and I film and edit together. Curious to know what you guys think.

Recipes? Crackers packed with seeds and Pumpkin Soup.

Happy weekend!