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Almost two months ago we left Leiden by car to go back to Italy for a little while. Roberto and I both love long roadtrips and neither of us likes to stay in hotels in a place that is not our destination. What we do is Β leave and see where we get. The rule is : if you are too tired, you stop.

So we drove through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. We stopped somewhere in the central part of France to take a power nap at around 4 am and then finished our 20-hours drive coming to that what we still, and probably will always, call our home.

The two weeks there flew by: my family and friends, the beautiful weather, nature and many other things made me sometimes dream to stay there, but many other details just made me realize that now my life is in Holland, and that I won’t come back. At least, for now.

All the little nice things that we enjoyed are gathered in this video, which is, by the way, the first video we edited together.

It will remind me that there is a place where I can go to whenever all the rest is too much. That place where I always wanted to flee from, and I knew I would some day miss.

Italia from JulietteΒ on Vimeo.