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Sometimes I just need a break from the city and all I wish is being in my woods again, picking berries, the apples from our trees and carrying wood home for the fireplace. So, today we took our bikes and went just outside the city, where there are some beautiful farms with horses and sheep, chicken and goats, and soaked in some of today’s beautiful sun.

We biked just until we came to the place where our dream house stands: a beautiful light-blue colored, wooden house. We dreamt a bit and had a walk around.

Just after coming back home I baked some sourdough bread, which had been in the making since yesterday. A few days ago, I finally decided to make a new sourdough starter again, after the last ones were abandoned.

Meanwhile Roberto made some soup; I love autumn evenings, when it’s getting colder and sometimes, even if it’s Saturday, you don’t even want to go out.