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Celebrating Christmas a my parents’ house in Italy. Back home, finally.

Enjoying every second, every minute of calmness. “Stop the glorification of busy” I once read. I absolutely agree. Chatching up with my family drinking a cup of coffee, playing with my nephew, going for a walk in the wood just behind the house.. it’s just what i need before another long year with probably plenty of more changes will start.

So many things happened this year that I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to tell someone.. last year on Christmas Eve everyone was wishing me good luck for my future in Holland, and now I am back with a whole lot of stories to tell.

Tonight I will be enjoying the bonfire in the village’s square and the hot chocolate even more, because now I don’t feel confined anymore, it’s my choice to be here, and I am happy that there is a place which I will always call my home where I will be able to go whenever I will feel that real life is suffocating.

So, have a wonderful Christmas, and may all your deepest wishes come true. I learnt that the Christmas atmosphere is actually something to look forward to from a good friend, she is in Sweden right now celebrating “Jul” with her family, just as it should be. Thanks to her for making my pre-Christmas feeling be so nice and cozy..