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Looking back at 2012 feels good. I finally feel like I found myself a little and looking back I can feel a little proud and really happy about my decision to move to the Netherlands.

So, let’s go back to January 2012..

On the 3rd of January Roberto and I loaded the car with all our stuff and said goodbye to Β our families. We drove through the night and on the 4th we arrived in Holland. We stayed in my brother’s room in a place where some very nice people live. We felt welcome and started building up our little new lives.

My brother surprised me with a new bike with a huge pink ribbon, we walked hours trying to find our way in this little city, R. tried raw harring, we went to the seaside on on of the coldest days. Roberto started working at a restaurant and I had my first job interview, which resulted in my present job. Roberto started learning Dutch and finding his way, too.

On the 1st of February we moved in our little apartment in a students’ house. I was so eager to move and be in a place that was just ours, that we slept there without electricity and basically in an empty house with just the mattress on the floor. It was extremely cold those days, with the coldest day being the one in which we had to move. We found some old furniture and gave it a new life, decorated the place with flowers and Β started feeling a little at home. Me starting my new job, meeting the Italian gang for a drink every now and then and celebrating R’s birthday where some of the highlights of the month.

In March we started building a routine: Saturdays at the market, lazy Sunday mornings, active Sundays afternoons.. My mom came to visit us and we had a great time with her..

For Easter we painted some eggs, following the Dutch tradition. On a rainy day we went to Delft and came back pretty early to have a cup of hot chocolate together and dinner with our friends. Who knows me probably knows how happy I was on the day we bought that little oven. I immediately started baking again: bread, cakes, torta verde and croissants.. Queen’s day was celebrated walking around the city, watching other people get wasted, all wearing orange clothes.

It started getting warmed and the city started to get greener. My parents came to visit us and for the first time ever the whole family met in Holland. They brought us boxes filled with Italian delicacies, the ones we missed the most..

In June we went to my family’s reunion where I met many of my relatives for the first time and met others after a long time. We started wearing orange again for the European Football Championships and going out to watch the games secretly supporting Italy as well. Since the weather was very nice, we stayed outside as much as possible. I always say nature is what I miss the most of Italy, therefore I went out and looked for what Holland has to offers, and I have to admit there are some pretty nice places around! For took the bikes and went around for hours to find these places, I really loved it. Oh, and of course, I bought the Mac, I was so happy about it that I had to put a picture of that as well.

In July my colleague Sonja and I started meeting outside work every now and then. I really liked her company. I wasn’t really used to have a friend around anymore (I know it sounds weird..), so I kind of had to get used to it again.. but when I did I realized it was what I was missing and had been missing for quite a while, i couldn’t get enough of having her around. We then went back to Italy for two weeks and enjoyed every day as much as possible: family, friends, food, the sea, the mountains. We recharged and then came back to Holland..

In August we thought “let’s explore the Dutch seaside”, it was nice, but too cold and windy for us, so we decided to explore a little more of the Dutch cities. First of all Amsterdam, where we hadn’t been for quite some years. Meanwhile we enjoyed the sun, knowing it would not last forever.

In fact, September brought us some colder days. That also meant I started baking once again and making this little house of ours a little cozier. We went to the the Efteling, a dreamy, wonderful amusement park, Roberto bought the Mumford and Sons’ cd for me and we went around looking for woods.

In October we went to Gouda, which we were expecting to be a little nicer actually. It was starting to feel like autumn again.. Sonja and I made cupcakes together, which resulted in a mess in the kitchen. A friends passed away while in Afghanistan and we tried to honor and remember him in our own way, not being able to attend the funeral.

I would call November the month of partying. Sonja and I started going out a lot more and we met really amazing people along the way.I finally went to visit my grandma, I love her and was very happy to see her again. My friend Fela came to visit us first, and then my friend from University Manuela came as well. I had a lot of fun with them both, playing funny games with Fela and going out partying with Manuela and Sonja. This really was my month, I loved it.

Then we had December, a month in which I learned to appreciate the spirit of Christmas again, dressing trees, baking Christmassy food.. My birthday was made special in many ways by many people (main contributor was Sonja again, she really made that day extra special). I went back to Italy for a week, stayed with my parents, my brother and my little nephew. Came back on the 30st.

2012 has finally been my year: moving to the Netherlands, getting to know a lot of special people, exploring the country, having fun and celebrating life.

I am ready for a new year filled with adventures!