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Well, hello! It’s been a while ago since I last was in here.. as I already said many many things happened in real life and working on this blog never really crossed my mind during this period. I moved to a new place, on my own. I am figuring out every day a little more what I really want in life, I am getting much more positive lately and with the positivity my confidence grows a little as well. During the past years I have had the worst thoughts about myself, I have been working hard to change my behavior, my thoughts, and starting to respect myself. Not that I have everything fully figured out yet, but I am happy about where I am at the moment. That’s just it.

So, to “celebrate” my comeback (will I really be back? I don’t know), I posted a newΒ AboutΒ page, since I had taken away the last one some time ago and my blog seemed to belong to an unnamed girl.

I also recently started using Instagram, so for who is interested, you’re welcome toΒ follow me. Hoping to go back to take photos with my real camera as well very soon.


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