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“Knus” is probably my favorite word in Dutch. It means ‘cozy’, but a it’s coziness that the word ‘cozy’ in my opinion cannot really convey. It’s sitting next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate while it’s snowing outside, it’s crawling under the softest covers after a long day, it’s tranquillity, comfort and warmth.

I always linked this feeling with love; and I always thought this coziness could only exist if someone i loved was with me to enjoy it. My family, my other half, friends..

Now that I moved and I am living on my own, I understand that it is true:Β coziness is love.. but you can love yourself too, allow yourself to relax after a day at work, pamper your senses with nice smelling candles, brew a cup of hot coffee and just feel energized again. It blows solitude away. Promise.