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A few days ago I was in a bad mood. The evening I was going to a concert I had planned on going to since September. Of Monster and Men in Den Haag, I couldn’t miss it. Finally the day had arrived, but there was a problem: the person I was going with had to work, and all other friends had plans. You see now were I got the bad mood from..

Around 5 pm, I decided to go anyway, even if it would have meant going alone.

I took my bike and on the way I almost wanted to randomly stop someone and ask if they wanted to come along.

On the train I started feeling better and  more confident: finally I was doing something that you are “supposed” to do with friends, all by myself, and it started feeling good. Arrived in Den Haag I took the tram and I started being really excited about the concert. Ten minutes later I was  at the venue and I couldn’t care less if I was surrounded by couples and groups of friends: I felt independent and I was happy.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I was standing in the first rows, drinking a beer and taking pictures. I met a very nice girl, who, what are the odds, came from Italy and was at the concert on her own as well.

An Icelandic musician called Mugison openend the concert. He played some great songs, certainly another artist to add to my playlists.

Of Monsters and Men started playing straight after; The songs were all amazing, the feeling, the people, everything was perfect. I wouldn’t know how to describe the concert itself. If you have been to a concert you probably know what I mean: you can’t describe the feeling.

Once back home my bad mood was just a far away memory, replaced by joy.

Yellow Light – Of Monster and Men

Your Bones – Of Monsters and Men 

Love Love Love – Of Monsters and Men