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I was looking for a vegetarian cookbook when I stumbled upon Ottolenghi’s Plenty. Although Ottolenghi is not a vegetarian himself, he wrote a whole book in honour of Mr. Vegetable; and it is pretty darn good!

The recipe that immediately struck my eye is the “Eggplant with Buttermilk sauce” (it’s not for nothing that it is on the cover for some editions). It looked so pretty I wanted to make it, but when I read the recipe I felt like this was going to be a failure. I couldn’t see the flavors of an eggplant combine with not only buttermilk, but also pomegranate.

Nonetheless I made it, and it was wonderful! It is very easy to make; you just need a little patience waiting for the eggplant to bake and lots of olive oil to season the eggplant well (man that thing absorbs a lot!). You will also learn how to take the seeds of the pomegranate out without looking like you just killed a cow. The taste, my friends, is amazing; a mix between Mediterranean and Middle-eastern, and that feels right, since Ottolenghi is Israeli. I say: for how weird it sounds, just try it and you will be amazed.

Find the recipe here, and let me know 😉