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During weekdays lunch breaks mostly consist of me sitting in front of the computer, behind my desk, eating a couple of knackebrod with cheese and an apple. Boring.

On Saturdays and Sundays I usually take the time to make a nicer lunch. On Saturdays I sometimes go to the market and come back with bags filled with fruit and freshly baked bread, other times I just use what I have at home; For example these easy and quick sandwiches with cottage cheese, rucola cress and avocado.

I recently gave a second chance to avocado, which I first thought tasted like face cream. Now that I ate some less ripe avocados I started actually to like them, especially with a bit of salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. It all over the Internet: the avocado craziness! It’s like coconut water, granola bars and cupcakes in the past.. I still think it’s a little crazy, but, hey! it’s great to know it contains healthy fats and that I can now enjoy my parents’ favorite salad: orange and avocado salad with mint. I can’t wait to go home to taste it.. or better, I can’t wait to go home. If there is no avocado salad I won’t mind that much after all.