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How much luck does a girl who loves natural and organic products need to have to find the perfect little apartment just above a little biological shop? Well, I have all that luck! I just need to walk down the stairs..

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday, I stumbled across this blog, Green Kitchen Stories, run by Luise and David. There I found tons of interesting vegetarian recipes I would like to try; I have a bunch of them on my “to bake” list.

I had been wanting to find a recipe for protein bars for a while now. I am trying to integrate more protein in my diet, since I am a vegetarian and I work out quite a lot, I need to eat enough of it to keep my brain awake and maybe build a little muscle too. All those fake protein shakes give me the goosebumps..

Funny stories about them: I bought one package (those terribly ugly packages), the banana flavor, to test it and see how/if it helps; one day I left a little in the bottle where I put it in and  I forgot to empty it. When I found out, after one day, I emptied the content in the gym’s sink; the dressing room was filled by a terrible smell and the sink was instantly blocked. It smelled like there was a body hidden in one of those locker and the sink only started working after I came back from an hour of working out. I wonder what it does to your body, how the heck can it absorb it?. Anyway, back to the protein bars..

Amongst all the nice recipes in their blog, I found one for Hemp Protein Bars. I decided to try to make them, I went downstairs, I spent a fortune in ingredients (which, however will last a long time) and came back upstairs. Of course I couldn’t keep myself from changing some ingredients and adapting the recipe to my own taste. Unfortunately I used a too big baking pan, so they turned out tooooo thin, but man they were good.

This is the perfect idea for a treat after the gym or during the day, after dinner or whenever. When you just crave something sweet and chocolatey, these bars would make a perfect solution. And they contain natural proteins from the Hemp plant; no weird smells and artificial tastes.