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By now, you have probably heard about VSCO, haven’t you? If you haven’t, I advice you to go and have a look at their website.

I found out about VSCO when I stumbled across the tag #vscocam on some beautiful pictures; being a photography enthusiast I wondered where those nice filters came from and, well, that’s how I found out about VSCO.

The first thing I did is downloading the free VSCOcam app; you can find it in the App Store. I started playing around with it and really liked it. You use tools to crop, rotate and change temperature, exposure and contrast; And if you like to snap portraits, they just added a new free tool that makes the skin look more natural and glowing.

Then you have the presets. The app comes with a dozen (I don’t know exactly how many there are) free presets. You can kind of add a “feeling” to your photo: bright and warm, moody, subtle fade.. In the store you can then choose to buy more presets, if you’d like to. I actually purchased the Preset collection of 48 presets just this morning and now I have so much choice, I don’t even know where to start!

Moreover, the VSCO team has released a minimalistic publishing platform, the VSCO Grid. At the moment it’s still open by invite only, but you can request one by going on the website. I like the clean and light layout and how easy it is to upload the photos you created with VSCOcam onto your Grid. Even though it is about art and photography, I would like there to be some feature that helps the owner of the grids (artists, photographers, ..?) to get in touch. I am not saying I would like to have a comment box or a “follow” feature, and absolutely I wouldn’t like to see a “like” button. But maybe just a link with contact information or a (private) message feature.

You can discover new grids by searching by tag. The VSCO team also features some of their favorites artists on their journal. I can’t wait to explore and find other beautiful grids! For now I am sharing my own and a few of the photos I edited with the VSCOcam app. Do you have a VSCO account and a VSCO Grid? What presets do you like the most (help me choose!)?

My VSCO Grid isΒ juliette.vsco.co , feel free to give a look!