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You either love them or hate them; by some they are considered sticky pieces of dough, others find them one of Italy’s best dishes: Gnocchi.

This budget-friendly dish can come with a variety of sauces, from the simple tomato sauce, to a more sophisticated blue cheese sauce. They are not particularly good looking,  but I assure you, they are extremely easy to make.

I hadn’t eaten or even though about them for years, until a few days ago when I came across them while looking for some typical Italian recipes. Of course, I immediately had to make them. I went to the supermarket to buy potatoes, which I never have at home, came back and in an hour they were ready to be served.

Gnocchi di Patate (serves 2)

350 g potatoes (preferably the yellow, more floury ones)

100 g flour (the type you prefer)

1 egg


Wash and boil the potatoes with the skin until soft. When they are still warm, peel them  and mash them. Put the mashed potatoes in a large bowl and start adding the flour by whisking it on the potatoes mix. Add a pinch of salt and work until a smooth dough has formed (don’t over knead it). At this point, add the egg and knead it a little longer. Roll the dough out until it’s 2- 3 cm thick. Cut little pieces of dough and roll them until they have the characteristic shape. With a fork push a little on each gnocco’s surface to make the traditional stripes.  Allow to rest for at least 15 minutes. Pour the gnocchi in boiling water (with salt). They will be ready when they will start floating. At this point you can add a sauce, sauté them in a skillet with some butter and thyme or even put them in the oven, covered with sauce and cheese.