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October, 3rd; Liberation day for the town I live in. An amazing day when people stop being in a hurry and living their stressful lives, and enjoy the day. Whether it’s with some friends and three or four (and sometimes ten) beers, or with their families, people gather and walk around the city all day (and the night before).

An old fashioned fair is just around the corner and that’s where I started when I decided that today I would wander around town with the only goal of documenting this day. Children’s blinking eyes, the smell of cotton candy, music everywhere. And then the bigger fair, with lots of flashing lights, louder music and crazier attractions. One street where older ladies and gentlemen explained their crafts: smoking eel, knotting, weaving baskets, lace-making, etc. with such a passion that I could stay hours listening to them.. in each corner of the town I could find something to see, experience and photograph.

And of course food; food everywhere. The most unhealthy fried food, but the food that makes a day like this complete.

Last night at around 2.30 Roberto and I run to the last open stall in town, we ordered chocolate and cream pastries and ate them all sitting along the canal. While people where feeling sick because they drank too much, I was eating pastry puffs and had sugar all over my face; no hangover for me, just some great memories.