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It has been one and a half month since I started working in my favorite shop. I used to go there every saturday and now saturdays are basically one of the few days I am not in there. I have been loving it so far, the team was very welcoming, and I am enjoying the contact with customers a lot, not only by helping them find what they need/want, but by giving them a little extra, like a little story or an explanation about how to use and maintain the product they are buying.

This being said I should specify that in this shop you can find basically everything I am passionate about (minus cameras en lenses, haha): everything (and by everything I mean literally everything) for the kitchen, dishes, bowls, cutlery, textiles, toys, but also things for in the garden, plants, pots, etc and things for in the bathroom, scrub creams, body lotions, soaps, etc. I could go on an on.. in substance: the perfect place to buy gifts!

One of the thousands things we sell are Moka pots for making Italian coffee. This is an essential in my kitchen, and had never thought about the fact that it could be less known by other people. By working in this shop I started realizing many people have no clue about how this thing works; people have been asking me more and more often.. The first time I was like “Really? You are kidding me!”. I didn’t want to be rude or anything, I honestly had never thought that someone could not know how it works, since it is so natural to me.

Instinctively I thought that maybe there are more people out there who don’t know how the Moka pot works, and even though you might find many websites where it’s exhaustively explained, I think a little video could be nicer to watch to have an idea how this little extraordinary invention works.

The Moka can mainly be divided in three parts: the boiler, the filter and the top.

How to use the Moka?

Fill the boiler (the bottom part) with water almost up to the valve.

Insert the filter.

Put finely-ground coffee in the filter. Fill it entirely but do not press thee coffee.

Screw the top part on the bottom part and make sure it’s screwed on tightly.

Put the Moka on the heat and wait: the water will boil and condense. It will be pushed through the filter and the coffee up to the top part.

Keep the lid closed (I opened it for you to see how the coffee comes up). Wait until you will hear the typical bubbling sound (I intentionally left it in the video, I loooove that sound and I immediately smell coffee when hearing it, it makes me so much feel at home) and turn off the heat.

Serve you coffee in an espresso cup (which I don’t have – shame on me) or in a bigger cup with some milk.