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About a year ago, or maybe a bit longer, I use to come home to a warm place with dinner ready and, around that specific period, every second day there was a Tiramisù in the fridge just waiting for me to get the spoon ready. That was when Roberto had found the recipe for the perfect Tiramisù and just couldn’t and wouldn’t stop making it; to the point that I ate too much of it and stopped eating it until.. tomorrow morning. I was missing those days and I was intensely craving Tiramisù yesterday, so I hopped on my bike, bought all the ingredients, came back home and made these two beauties. However, I felt like waiting until I would see Roberto again to eat them, and I had just eaten all the leftover cream and chocolate, so I was full and my stomach hurt already.

So as you understand I haven’t eaten my Tiramisù just yet, but I know perfectly well how it tastes by experience. You can make them in about 20 minutes and they make a perfect dessert I think they are so cute if served in a single-portion glass.

Tiramisù (makes 8 portions)

6 Eggs

400 g Savoiardi (ladyfingers)

500 gr Mascarpone (or a light cream cheese if you want to make it light)

120 gr granulated Sugar

Coffee (espresso, just enough to soak the ladyfingers in)

Chocolate flakes (to decorate)

Cocoa powder (to decorate)

pinch of Salt

Brew the coffee and set aside to cool down.

Separate egg whites and yolks and beat the yolks together with half of the sugar.

In another bowl start working the mascarpone with a mixer and slowly add the egg mixture.

In a third bowl beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff, then add the other half of the sugar.

Add the egg whites to the mascarpone and egg yolks mixture slowly with a spatula or a whisk to keep it light and fluffy.

Break the ladyfingers in the length that will fit in the glass (or any contenitor you will use). Soak the ladyfingers very briefly in the cold coffee.

It’s time to assemble. Put a first row of ladyfingers in the glass, cover them with cream, sieve a layer of cocoa powder on it, put a second layer of ladyfingers, cover with cream and dust with cocoa powder. Add some chocolate sprinkles (or temper some chocolate and make your own shapes to decorate if you like).

Put in the fridge for a few hours before serving. Serve cold.