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While the days are getting shorter and shorter, it seems like it just doesn’t want to stop raining over here in Holland. (So excuse me for the photos, they are not the best, but it gets really hard to take pictures with these dark clouds!) Life, however, is treating me fairly well; This new job of mine is keeping me busy, but also makes me really happy, I have met a few amazing people lately, and you guys, so many of you started following this blog this past few days! It just makes my days so much brighter!

Last week my dad came to visit me for a few days, and of course I wanted to make something for him. It wasn’t hard deciding what to make: homemade Twix bars, of course.

Back when I was still studying in Italy and going back to my parents’ every weekend, my dad had a serious Twix addiction. When my parents went grocery shopping they used to come home with tons of Twix bars, which my dad then hid in the drawer next to the computer, thinking my mum didn’t know they were there. They were eaten in the morning, in the afternoon after work and at night after dinner..always and in every occasion. Now his addiction is under control and not as much chocolate is to be found in his drawer, but he still likes a chocolatey bar every now and then.

So the night before he arrived, I made him these square Twix. The only difference with the real ones, except for the shape, is that I used Dulche de Leche instead of Caramel, but I can tell you, it’s as good nonetheless.

After spending a few great days together, my dad travelled back home on Monday, and now finally I have the time to share the recipe with you.

Homemade Twix (makes about 25)

25 Shortbread cookies

One can (397 gr) of Sweet Condensed Milk

500 g dark chocolate (70%)

To make the Dulche de Leche: Take the lid off of the can of Sweet Condensed Milk. Take off the label as well. Put in a large pot and pour water until the can is three quarters submerged. Bring to a boil and leave it simmering for three hours. If the can makes too much noise put a cloth in the pot. (My colleague suggested me this method, I researched and tried and it works perfectly).

Put the biscuits in a large oven tray. Pour the Dulche the Leche all over the biscuits until it’s abut 0,5 cm thick, and let cool down, then put in the fridge for 15 minutes or more.

Meanwhile melt the chocolate. To do so, break the chocolate into pieces, put it in a large bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and repeat. Do not over heat the chocolate because the crystals will be destroyed and you you get white stripes in your chocolate. When the chocolate in melted and the dulche de leche is cooled down, take every biscuit covered with dulche de leche and dip in the chocolate. Take away any excess of chocolate on the top and put on a rack until the chocolate sets.

Share if you like or keep them all for yourself; if not straight away, store in an airtight container and put in the fridge.

Let me know if you tried this recipe, and follow me, if you want, on Bloglovin’, Instagram and Pinterest.