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Many, many, many things are happening the upcoming two weeks: Sinterklaas is in town and I have to help him to wrap presents and write poems (which is the hardest part), one of my best(est) friends is moving back to Sweden and I just cannot find the right way to tell her I will miss her so so sooo much, at work I am currently wrapping present after present after present (and seeing so many excited children πŸ™‚ ) And last but not least I am preparing for an even that will take place on Sunday, Dec. 1st;

For the Dutchies:Β Karin and Mirjam have organized a nice event in restaurant Fifteen in Amsterdam. The event is called “Antipakjesavond-matinee” and the message behind it is that we can make great food even without using boxes and packages of all sorts (I would say making food without them is much more fun and usually turn out to be 10 times better). There will be 30 stands and people will sell they delicious homemade goodness. I will be there too! And I’d love to meet you! We will be there from 12 to 16, the tickets will cost only 2.50 euro! See you there?

For the reasons I listed above, I haven’t had much time to cook or bake, and I haven’t tried out many new recipes, although I have a whole list of them ready to be tried.

So, since many of you have started following me lately, I thought it would be nice to tell you a little more about myself. In this episode: My favorites! These are just the few that jumped in my mind, I certainly have many more.. and what about you? What are you favorites?

(i)Β scents

Tangerines and cinnamon during cold winter nights, jasmine on a late summer night, books, the garden when it just got watered, coffee, bread when it just comes out of the oven, ..

(ii)Β sounds

Thunderstorm, rain on the wooden roof, nightingales, when I am at my parents’ and I hear them laughing about silly jokes just before falling asleep, the wind blowing through the valley I used to live in in Italy, anything crunchy, silence, ..

(iii)Β tastes

Berries (all of them!), goat cheese, chocolate, granola, basically I love all fruit, coffee, bread, ..

(iv)Β things to touch

My right ear (it relaxes me, weird uh?), his hair, crispy things, another weird thing: I like to pull apart bread, raspberries, leaves, ..

(v)Β colours

Black, Beige, Lilac, Sky Blue, White, ..

(vi)Β books

Romeo ans Juliet, La Divina Commedia, the Harry Potter series, many of my cookbooks are also a good read, ..

(vii)Β films

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Into the Wild, the Harry Potter movies, Ratatouille, Romeo + Juliet, School of Rock, Madagascar, Up!, Life in a Day, Big Easy Express, ..

(viii)Β words

Wanderlust, Knus, Briciola, Spuntino, Bowl, Crunchy, Explore, ..

(ix)Β voices

Parents who read fairytales to their children at bedtime, William Fitzsimmons’, Of Monsters and Men’s singer Nanna’s , Alexi Murdoch when singing Through the Dark, ..