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People in Holland put Christmas lights on whenever they like. Most people do it as soon as Sinterklaas leaves town. In Italy there is a day for that, instead. That day is the 8th of December, today; in Italy this is a red day, because the catholics celebrate Immaculate Conception. The whole family gathers and puts on the Christmas lights, a small nativity scene or a Christmas tree and candles.

I thought today was a perfect day to make my room look a little more Christmassy. I bought a tiny Christmas tree, so tiny that the lights I bought for it look ginormous in it, so I decided not no put them on. Next to it three beautiful small candle holders and a small vase with a wintery branch. On my cake stand other candles, a tiny little mushroom which I yet have to surround with moss, and a Jul bok (or Christmas goat).

I felt so jolly I even made Christmas cookies!