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Sniff.. sniff..

My nose is red, my skin is dry and every now and then I sneeze a couple times; I have one of those weird sneezes that people make fun of; when I sneeze people don’t know if they should say “Bless you” because they think maybe I was only coughing in a weird way.


Except for tissues for my nose and moisturizing creams for my skin I also like to pack my body with vitamins and nutrients. So, when I feel sniffly like these days, I have a smoothie every morning, and occasionally even more often.

Color is what makes smoothies so cool. The ingredients combine in a pop of color that will certainly make your body happy.

Here a four of my favorites. The directions are quite easy: just through the ingredients in a blender and wait a couple of seconds. So here are the ingredients, which are really not that fancy or special, but work really good together.

Bright pink/red: half a raw beet, two handfuls of frozen strawberries, a Tbsp chia seeds, about a cup almond milk.

Yellow: one ripe pear, half an apple (granny smith or jonagold), one clementine, a tsp turmeric and four ice-cubes.

Purple:Β one banana, two handfus of frozen blueberries, aTbsp chia seeds and four ice-cubes.

Green: one banana, one clementine, a handful spinach and four ice-cubes.

As simple as that. This morning I had the green one; Spinach felt alwasy so out of place in smoothies to me, but when I tried them I realized they are not at all, and knowing all the nutrients they are packed with, I am even happier to make my smoothies look green, my least favorite color.
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