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Admittedly, I am eating this green salad I made earlier right now. It’s also one of the few times I end up taking pictures of something I actually made for dinner without planning it in advance and with no plan of taking pictures and blogging about it.

This salad is a mix of iceberg salad, corn salad, rocket and raw courgette (which I cut thinly using an extremely useful little tool called julienne cutter). I topped with Fourme d’Ambert cheese and seasoned with a vinaigrette made of extra virgin olive oil, apple and edelberry vinegar, a little honey, salt and pepper. I am eating it with a slice of bread I quickly put in the oven.

I have to work from 18 this evening, and being used to eat around 19 or 20 makes it weird to eat this early. This is the perfect very early dinner.
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