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A little late in wishing you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2014.. but here I am, back for a second, yet going to disappear again. The reason of my absence is that I am moving. Yep, once again. It’s the fifth time in two years, but this time I am pretty confident I will be staying in this place for a little longer.

It’s not easy to keep up with blogging when you are moving; my oven is currently on top of pile of boxes of books and sheets, not anywhere near a place to plug it in, mixing bowls, whisks, rolling pins.. everything is somewhere in God knows which box, and Internet won’t be working until the end of this month. That is a little challenge for an Internet freak like me. But I will take this chance to photograph my daily life and every now and then share it a little here. There won’t be much food, but I will do my best to unpack all the important things as soon as possible and find a nice little corner for the oven (and maybe one day buy a real one?).

Meanwhile, I finished 2013 with a few ideas for this blog. 2014 will be a great year, and there will be some changes and improvements around here. One thing I am very excited about is that I will be soon (I hope) reaching 1000 followers, and when that happens, we need to celebrate! Aside from that, I have another plan for this blog, but I will share that will you later on..Hold on you guys! Please, bare with me for these few weeks.

I am sitting on the floor of my old place at this very moment. It’s empty, we moved the last few things last night at 2 am. I am writing this post on a laptop that is not mine, without having a clue how Windows 8 works (that’s why I can’t link to the blog with a hyperlink below, so I just put the URLs between brackets, sorry!). This is how much I missed this blog. On a Sunday evening, after work, with an apple and a laptop, writing to you.

There is something missing in this post, right? The food talk! So here is my little food adventure of the week: yesterday I attended a workshop on food styling and photography. It was organized by Simone owner of Simones Kitchen ( http://simoneskitchen.nl/ ) and Alexandra, who writes at Serve with Cream (http://servewithcream.com/ ). Needless to say it was an awesome experience! For a passionate about everything food, styling and photography like me, it was a day in props heaven. We spent the morning refreshing our theorical knowledge about photography and styling; I loved it, the two of them were very clear and straight forward in their explanation and I sure did learn some things. I now understand why I just couldn’t get some photos right.. I can’t wait to get the boxes in our new apartment out of the way and start shooting using their suggestions.

In the afternoon we worked in couples and styled and shot a few dishes. I was lucky to have the loveliest partner; of course it’s hard to agree on styling since each person has a differen taste, but we agreed pretty fast and got styling and photos of two dishes done (even though I am not too happy with the second one). It was a really nice day and now I am even more eager to start baking (yes, yes,… and cooking).

I could write about yesterday for hours, but my legs are hurting from sitting on the floor and I really have to move and clean the room, so that I can leave the keys in time.

I hope to come back soon and share with you more about the plans for this blog!


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