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Walking through my favorite organic supermarket I always feel like buying everything. The wonderfully imperfect apples, the sourdough bread, raw chocolate, nut butters of every sort, cruelty free beauty products.. but then I look down at the prices and I restrain myself a bit. Roberto and I are trying to buy as much organic products as we can, but our budget is not unlimited, so we have to prioritize some products. We always and only buy organic eggs, we try to buy organic fruit and vegetables as much as we can and for the rest we try to add a few different things to our shopping cart every time and if we find a truly amazing product, we will replace the normal non-organic cheaper version with it from that moment on (like Jori peanut butter, my favorite, 100% peanuts, no salt, sugar or oils added!)

One of the products I always stare at but (almost) never buy, are those delicious 100% raw bars. They look so pretty and they are, as a matter of fact, delicious! So last wednesday I was in the supermarket staring at those nice packages, with one eye on the ingredient, and the other eye on the price and I thought “You know what? I can probably make these myself”. It was a way to cope with the fact that I couldn’t afford to buy them, but soon after it transformed into a real plan. Wednesday is market day here, so I headed to a stall where they sell dried fruit and nuts and I bought:

300 g medjool dates, unpitted

100 g cashew nuts, raw and unsalted

100 g cranberries

100 g dried apricots, unpitted

Then when we went home I put the dates on a plate and with a fork I squashed them.  I put the cashews in the food processor and ground them (not too much, you still want your bar to have a bite). Then I added all the other ingredients and mixed them, stopping the food processor every now and then to push down the sticky mess and to help it mix better. When the mix was ready, I put it on a backing tray which I covered with parchment paper. I evenly spread out the mix, covered it with another layer of parchment paper and I flattened the mix with a rolling pin. I put the backing tray in the freezer for 15 minutes and when I took it out I cut the bars into the shape I wanted.

They are exactly as delicious as the store bought, slightly more convenient, but way more satisfying. Just remember to store them in the freezer. When you take a bar out you will be able to eat it straight away.

I use them when I come back from work and still want to go to the gym before dinner, or just as a snack during the day.

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