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On this grey and wintery Valentines day, a warm summer exploded in my heart. Roberto and I have been together for roughly six and a half years and I honestly can’t remember celebrating a Valentines day together. One year I had exams in Turin, the other year I was in Berlin, then in London,.. this year I am at home in the Netherlands and he is at home in Italy. Too far away.

This morning someone knocked at the door. When I opened a sweet old lady handed me over a bouquet of beautiful red and white flowers and said “It’s Valentines Day!”, with a big smile on her face. The flowers were accompanied by the sweetest note and even though I tried to contain myself I had to shed a tear of happiness.

Roberto has been helping me with this blog ever since I started it. First, he took pictures when I used to post outfit posts (awkward!), then he often helped me baking and sometimes he has been a real assistant when photographing dishes. But he has never been in the spotlight, he didn’t really want to.

A few weeks ago we started talking about him becoming part of this blog. I love baking and I love food, but honestly, I am no cook; I just like to eat organic and healthy stuff, but I mostly steam some veggies or make a lentil soup and that’s it. Now, here is a revelation: Roberto actually is a cook, and he has so many ideas to share! He knows how to combine flavors, he masters different techniques and he is immensely passionate about food. So please welcome him as a new contributor to Details!

I will still be the baker, the photographer and the writer of this blog, but he will give his input and be the chef chez restaurant Details πŸ˜‰

Also, I would like to show a little more personality, show you who we actually are, give a little glimpse in our daily lives and make this space more “ours”. Make it cozy.

Soon there will be some more awesome news, and a giveaway! Stay tuned!

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