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“Mi piace” means “I like” in Italian. This is a new series in which I will show you and link to photos, songs, videos and articles I liked the past week. I am constantly inspired by so many things that there will be no shortage. Often I am inspired by things that happen to me in everyday life, so be prepared to read stories of what happened to me this or that time..

Monday: Waking up to a blue sky and a bright shining sun made my day good from the very start. I looked up just after waking up to see a plane flying by and I we wondered where it was going. I said Norway, Roberto said “It’s just going land right now”. Very romantic. We both started working at 11 am, so we had a little time together. We had breakfast listening to a lovely playlist on Spotify. This was Monday’s favorite song: A Boy and his Kite – Heartache is a Cold Place. It was still light after work, which made my day even better. Spring is here, I can feel it.

A link that made me smile; not everything applies to me personally, but number 4, 5, 11(I miss Roberto’s nonna!), especially number 12 and of course number 15 do.

Raw, vegan Banana Cream Pie anyone? A few of my favorite words in one dish. It’s right there on my to make list waiting for me to be made.

I spent Tuesday working and listening to songs; my favorites:Β Yesterday was Hard on All of Us – Fink and In Your Arms – Chef’s Special.

I am an avid Instagrammer,Β Hannah Ferrara from Another Feather is one of my favorite people to follow, I am totally in awe of her photos. These few she took at the cabin remind me so much of the house I grew up in.

Wednesday started our “weekend” together. I watched this video a few times and it really made think of “back home” as I call it, Italy. We drove through half of the country to visit my grandma and explore new places, photographed and made videos. A truly amazing day.

Thursday, today, we went exploring the country some more. We drove to the sea; it was freezing cold, so we went back home pretty early to bake bread and make a warm and earthy soup.

Found a link to an article about Italian Slang Expressions: it’s spot on! The only one I don’t use on a daily basis is the last one.

A few photos I liked this week:

.. and finally: Roberto usually calls me Torta, which means “cake”. Yesterday he wanted to eat a banana and said “Can I eat a cake, banana?”. God, I was dying. Maybe that was my favorite moment of the week. I will keep laughing when randomly thinking about that moment.

I really hope you enjoy this new series. If you have some inspirational links to recipes, photos, videos, articles or anything that’s worth giving a look at, let me know! I am thrilled when I receive tips and suggestions.

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