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Easter. I love this festivity. It might have to do with the chocolate, or the egg painting (which I still do every year), or just because gives me the feeling that we survived another winter and we celebrate that with our family.

In the Netherlands the hare, which in my family tradition is called Otto, jumps around the house and the garden, hiding eggs. How do you know he has gone and just hid eggs in every corner? Well, my dad usually used to see him hopping around and came in the room running saying “You won’t believe it, I just saw Otto! He just jumped in the bushes!!”. That was when the hunt began.

In Italy, this day is much more about religion and about food that in Holland. When you wake up your mom, aunt and grandma are most likely already cooking. There is lamb on the menu (I have tried to show people that a young little cute lamb is the same as what they put in their mouths at Easter several times) and colomba, which is similar to panettone, but in the shape of a dove.

For this year I have gathered a few ideas beforehand, so that I won’t panic last minute.

I thought it would be cute to have a few mini cupcakes just as decoration on the table, and to nibble on with your coffee or just during the day. At Easter I love fresh and light colors, and I like to decorate the table with white and pastel colors.

You could make a Torta Pasqualina, a savory pie which is a typical Easter dish in Liguria (the Italian region I come from). Finally, surprise everyone with these beautiful meringue nests topped with berries (I used this recipe).

I hope you liked these ideas, and let me know how you celebrate Easter in your country and if you have some nice ideas, make sure to share them 🙂

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