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“Frammenti” means “snippets” in Italian. Since photography is my biggest passion, I thought I’d share more of my photos with you in this series.

Aside from working, which I have done pretty intensively this week (working in a shop can mean your weekend starts on a Thursday, which this week is the case, so yay for tomorrow being my Friday!), I have been outside a lot. The days are getting lighter and longer and after work I get the chance to stay outside a little longer: we have been skateboarding a few times, I have been running and one day I went on a little post-work bike adventure with my camera. 

Roberto has been working long hours; the few moments we spent together we have been daydreaming about traveling to Vietnam, while having wonderful breakfasts.

In 4, four, FOUR days I am flying to Italy! I am so happy to finally be in the middle of nowhere again. I am missing that place.

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