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In the exact moment I was writing that I have not been much of a foodie lately in my previous post, I felt the urge to bake.
So weird, I reminded myself by writing about it, that baking relaxes me, and I needed it. Immediately I opened my cupboard doors: there wasn’t much that would bring me far from some basic cookies,and I really wanted to make something not too unhealthy. Fortunately, I had some quinoa left, so I made my signature granola, the recipe of which you will find here. This time I added flax and sesame seeds, and instead of the cinnamon I used speculaas spices.

The morning after I made the most spectacular breakfast: a parfait of yogurt, blueberries, mixed nuts, raisins and my homemade granola. Sooo good!

Parfait Breakfast
Parfait Breakfast