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In the middle of the wood I sit down on a stone that looks like a throne. From here I can see the town I was raised in; few houses on the top of a hill, not many people living in them and not much happening around. I walk in the opposite direction, deep into the woods while butterflies fly away as I walk the small path. Birds and crickets are telling us it’s August. A tiny spider walks up my leg and threads a web to reach the nearest grass blade.
I lay down and listen. It’s like watching the stars: the longer you watch, the more stars you see; and I hear more birds, more insects flying around, a cat and a dog fighting far away, cows on the top of the mountain.. and I realize how different being alone and being lonely are. Growing up I used to hate this place because I was feeling lonely, now I treasure every moment spent here because I am not lonely anymore, I am just alone. Nothing makes me feel less lonely than being surrounded by nature. (Thoughts on Nature – August 2013)