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How many times did I hear people complain about photography, saying you don’t get to “live” the moment, and that you live through the lens instead?

I have been thinking about that a lot, and I think I might have found my vision on this issue.

On the one hand I agree; at a concert, in a theatre, and at a dinner or a night out with friends, I feel like the camera is not needed. Sure, you want to “capture the moment” to have it with you forever, but if your unconscious self will consider that moment worth to be remembered, it will stay forever, like burned in your memories. I myself love to take a photo with my phone when I am with friends, but I don’t like to overdo it, that’s it. At that moment living in that exact moment is far more important.

On the other hand however, I disagree. Since I was about eight years old, when I took my first photos, of a cow and of a friend, I can see the world from a different perspective. When I am with my camera, I see more things, I see more details that I would otherwise have overlooked. With my camera I experiment and I see, through that lens I see lines, textures and patterns I would never have noticed if I weren’t a “photographer”. That’s what I like about photographing landscapes, and in a way food as well. I live the moment through the lens, I discover things and wander through those textures and patterns. That’s basically why I will never put down my camera (except for an angry looking security guy telling me cameras are not allowed).

What are your thoughts about photography killing the moment?

(here are a few more photos I took in Italy)

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