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It has been a hectic couple of weeks; how have you been?

At the beginning of the week I felt a little caged by the city, my toes itched, which means I wanted to basically take my bag and leave for an unknown place, travel, meet people, see new places, but also, I needed air. I took my bike and first drove through the lovely city I live in, but it was not enough, I needed to be alone, completely alone. With the camera in my hand I biked just outside the city where I usually go for a run, but of course, because it was Easter monday it was pretty crowded. Then I remembered a place R. and I went to about two years ago, when we had just moved to the Netherlands.

I walked into the wood and I was surprised by seeing a blanket of white flowers between the trunks of the trees. I felt releaved immediately. I don’t know what it is, sort of an addiction to nature or so.. I walked for an hour in this sort of little park than no one except for me seems to have discovered. There were a myriad of birds singing, then it started raining, but I was covered by the leaves. I stayed for a while: listening to the birds, smelling the wet soil and being alone for a moment.

I went back home completely refreshed. The weight I felt on my shoulders in the morning had dissolved.